Effective web design relies on many different elements and ideas coming together in the right way. Take a look at the infographic below for just some ideas that could help you design your next winning layout.

Colour Scheme

Be sure to pick colours that resonate with your target audience. For example, strong reds can invoke passion, aggression and importance.

Yellows can make viewers feel happy, but also can trigger anxiety.

Blues are known to be serene, trustworthy and inviting (ever notice how most social media channels heavily rely on blue?).

Don’t go overboard with colour either. For some ideas on colour, why not check out How to Choose Colours that Pop.

Effective Typography

Vary your titles and subtitles by using different colours, sizes and weights that fit your style. Try to stick to one font for headings, and a complementary sans-serif font for the body text.

Keep it all clear and easy to read with correct line, word and letter spacing.


Never forget the importance of a great user experience. Keep navigation simple, annoying animations to a minimum and aim for a fast website.

Design Elements

Pick a style and stick to it. If you’re using icons, make sure they all have the same style and weight.

Be sure to use white space too, separating information into clear segments. It’s even better if you pick a spacing size and stick to it so all elements are evenly spread out and balanced.

Practical Layout

Always start with a wire frame so you have a great layout before you even begin placing fonts, colours and graphics.


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