Small Business Marketing


Keep your website performing at its best with Search Engine Optimisation analysis.


Keep your existing customers in the loop with custom designed email newsletters.


Interact with your audience effectively and professionally over social media.

Email Marketing Services

Email Newsletter Services

When it comes to marketing for small business, email newsletters are a great way to engage your audience, drive repeat business and show everyone your latest updates and offers.

Email newsletter services that fit your brand identity are a great way to put all of your recent content into one place and regularly share with those that want to know. Implementing a simple newsletter sign up form into your website ensures that anyone who wants to find out more can do so straight to their inbox.

Once an email is sent, we can gauge interaction including bounce-rate, clicks and unsubscribes to ensure your emails are having the maximum effect.

Well designed and informative email newsletter templates help keep you in your customer's minds, and more likely to revisit you as a result. Email marketing services are available now.

Email Marketing Services  

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Keeping your audience engaged through popular social platforms like Twitter and Facebook is key to the performance of your online presence. Different platforms have their own uses, so we can work together to find your specific benefits of social media marketing.

Having a strategic approach to content planning and quality control will make the most of your social identity. Spread your message to followers, find a social media influencer or two, and share relevant content to connections, uniting your social media strategy with the rest of your digital marketing plan.

Don't forget that listening is just as important when it comes to social engagement. We can use reports to identify what your audience says so you can react positively and accordingly!

If you need a social media assistant to make your channels look professional, as well as help in content planning and interaction, you know what to do.

Social Media Marketing  

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) describes the process of getting traffic from "organic", non-paid search results on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is different to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising which is based on paid ads. Local Search Engine Optimisation is similar to standard SEO, but with a focus on your local geographic area.

Without SEO, unless your audience already knows your domain name, they won't find you online. Rank higher with good SEO. Get more traffic. Receive more leads and viewers.

Any website design by Digizoid is search engine optimised as standard, but as search engines frequently roll out updates that can have dramatic consequences on search results, it important to stay up to date with the latest techniques, and keep quality content flowing with marketing ideas. Stay on top with an SEO website audit today.

Search Engine Marketing Services  

What now?

You know it's important for your site to perform well on search engines, and that you should engage with your audience. The next step is to get in contact to find out how marketing for small business will help you!