Web Design

Mobile Friendly

Most people now view websites on mobile. Good thing all sites from digizoid.co.uk are mobile responsive. (Responsive mobile sites typically rank higher on Google too!)

SEO Optimised

Making sure you rank as highly as possible for relevant keywords is just as important as having a great site to get the attention of visitors.

Ongoing Support

If you ever need assistance or advice on what to do next, or for making improvements, you've always got help on hand.

Robust Hosting

We can offer secure and reliable hosting for your sites to give your users the best possible user experience - all for a competitive price!

Future Expansion

It's no good if your site is so complicated and static behind the scenes that you can't expand on it. Each site is built with potential expansion in mind.

Unique Design

Every single site is designed from scratch and built to meet your expectations. You won't find anybody else using your website's style!

Web Design Services

Web Design

Creating a website for your business is critical these days, so whether you need a web designer to display your own work, advertise your club or sell products, there's an option for you. Throughout the process you will be sent updates, and your opinions will shape the progress of development to ensure the end result is just what you are looking for.

Sites can include contact forms, image galleries, video integration, newsletter signups, live twitter feeds, custom icons, and much more.

Every site will be developed to integrate with all your social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t have them set up yet, you’ll want to learn how important social media marketing is, and there's always assistance available if required.

Mobile web usage on devices like iPhones, Samsung smartphones, tablets and all other mobile devices have actually taken the lead over desktop use. You can be sure that your site will be responsive and optimised for mobile display as standard to look great no matter what device is used.

Looking to hire web designer skills? Get in contact to begin creating a responsive website custom built for you.

Web Design Services  

Complete Support

Website development

It all starts with a discussion about you, your company and your audience to come together forming an idea of what you need. You can also share websites you like the look of, as well as ideas you have about colours, fonts or any other specific directions you may have.

Based on your specifications, a completely custom design is made with a clear layout so your audience knows exactly where to go to find the information they want. If you don’t currently have a logo or colour scheme, take a look at graphic design services. We will also identify the keywords you should be ranking for, and best SEO practises will always be applied throughout development as part of the service.

The average cost of website design for small business can be as low as £100, but depends entirely on what features you need. If you're worried about how much a small business website might cost...don't! It's all part of the service to make sure you get a quality result within your budget.

It is a great idea to create business email addresses , so we can even help you create a business email address or get you started using gmail business email.

Once your website is designed to your liking, you won't be left in the dark. You've got ongoing support every step of the way.

Web Support Services  

Website Hosting

Every website needs a domain name and a hosting service. If your website is your furniture and possessions, then think of your domain name as your postal address, and your hosting service as the roof and walls that contain all your stuff.

Whether you already have a domain name, or want someone to help you buy a domain name - don't worry, you're covered. Domains typically don't cost much and you can expect to pay around £10 per year for a .co.uk or .com domain.

You don't need to know how to host a website. Having a website designed here means you have access to our secure server that has 24/7 security monitoring, DDoS protection and guarantees 99.9% uptime all for a fixed monthly fee. Hosting with Digizoid will also net you a free SSL certificate (earning you the secure green padlock in the URL gaining the trust of visitors). Reliable yet cheap website hosting! If you'd rather make your own arrangements for hosting, that's not a problem either. All the files you'll need will happily be provided and you'll be let loose on configuration with your own server until your heart's content!

Whether you need help buying a domain name and having servers dealt with for you, or you're ready to go all by yourself, help is here.

Website Hosting Services  

Website Maintenance

website hosting

Once you've got a modern, SEO optimised site online, you'll want to keep it performing. There are so many options here whether you're looking for expansion, updates or user analytics.

Using Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Tools and a variety of other resources, we can determine a lot about your site. Ranging from who is visiting, which pages get the most interaction and updating keyword lists - we can always do more to boost results.

Some sites have user friendly admin areas when built on platforms like WordPress where it's relatively simple for a casual user to update their own site. Other sites require the knowledge of a developer to apply updates. In any case, we will work to build what works for you, and any ongoing assistance can be handled with a flat hourly fee to keep things simple.

Professional websites need keeping up to date and performing at their best.

Website Maintenance  

Branding Guidelines

Upon request, you'll receive a Branding Guide containing a typography sheet outlining the font styles and sizing used throughout your site. You will also be given a colour sheet which lets you know the exact digital and print colours used so you can keep your brand identity consistent across all media.

If you already have brand guidelines or a colour scheme you like, these will be used to keep your site in line with your current style. If you have no existing guidelines, then we can work to help you select a colour palette that harmonises and captures your brand profile whatever your organisation.

Consistency is key to making a memorable brand. Keep track of your colours, fonts and styles with ease.

Branding Design  

What now?

You have a better idea of web design, domain names and web hosting. The next step is to get in contact to start a professional web design of your own!